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Deep Sleep
Being put into Deep Sleep has definitely traumatized your en...
3 years ago
Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance
Baby Hazel is very excited because her mom enrolled her in a dance class. She loves to dance and especially dress up as a ballerina. Help Hazel get over her fear to dance in public and make sure you complete all the task she is involved in. Have fun
1 year ago
Baby Hazel Halloween Castle
Halloween is here and Baby Hazel is enjoying this spooky holiday. She and her friends are visiting a castle full of scary things. Help Hazel complete all the tasks she wants to do and try on more costumes. The castle has many chambers and it is very easy to get lost or get scared by the Halloween decorations. Keep an eye on everything and have fun with Hazel
1 year ago
Scary Escape
Scary Escape is a point and click horror escape game developed by Sonia Roman.rnYou are trapped in a scary house. Find objects and clues in order to escape this creepy place.
2 years ago
Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin
You have to investigate and gather evidence about a creepy old cabin in the woods and its aged inhabitant, take photo\'s, use the metal detector, find and read diary\'s etc to discover what has been going on here and who the old man really is...
2 years ago
Night Terrors
Story:\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nSome new medicine you took had some nasty side effects.\r\nOnce the effect kicks in your dreams will turn into horrible nightmares.\r\nIn which you have to fight for your life against a horde  of evil rotten spirits from the grave.\r\nLost and alone in places that seem familiar.\r\nYour biggest fear becomes reality and there is no telling when you will wake up from this endless Horrible nightmare.\r\nArmed with a gun you will face the most disturbing night of your life.\r\nand you better be ready for what will be coming for you!\r\nHave a pleasant dream.\r\n.....It could be your last one!\r\n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nScreenshots of Night Terrors:\r\n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nThumbnails can be made on request\r\n  \r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n(This games contains violence and gore\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n* 3 Modes (Nightmare Mode / Survival Mode / 2Player Battle Mode)\r\n* 1 Player story mode game.\r\n* 1 player survival mode (Fight for online highscores)\r\n* 2 Player Battle mode (Who can survive the terror and who will die)\r\n* Complete Nightmare mode to unlock survival mode (High scores)\r\n* 25 Evil rotten spirits to deal with (Hidden in different levels)\r\n* Different Settings / backgrounds.\r\n* Multiple horror levels.\r\n* Story Cut scenes.\r\n* Special horror effects.\r\n* Insane Screaming/Laughing effects that will drive you crazy.\r\n* High scores online.\r\n* Creepy Music (By David F Burrows)\r\n* Black and white visuals.\r\n* Old school hardcore shooting.\r\n* Evil fog effect to set the a creepy atmosphere.\r\n* High detail graphics.\r\n* Hidden objects in the game.\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nControls:\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n- Use the mouse to control the cursor.\r\n- Left mouse button to shoot.\r\n- Aim for the heads to kill a spirit.\r\n- Spirits can disappear without shooting them.\r\n- Find the reload object to reload your gun.\r\n- Timing is of the essence.\r\n- 2 player Battle controls (W.A.S.D (V) / Mouse.\r\n------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nCredits:\r\nGame design/programming - Ben Aprigliano.\r\nE-mail:\r\nMusic -David Burrows.\r\n 
2 years ago
Please be aware that the game is a graphic and sound intensive 5mb and will take a short while to load. FOR SPONSORS- This game has not yet been distributed around the net and as such has been seen by few people. A custom preloader has been designed, but for the meanwhile FGL encryption has been implemented.\r\nIn the case of any difficulty the game is also viewable here-\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nSTORY SYNOPSIS:\r\nThe story starts with you waking in a gore-infested room of a house. You\'re covered in bandages and your very identity is a mystery to all but few. As you make your way to escape you uncover details such as the house is the lair of a maniacal ex-chief of surgery the media have labelled \'THE DOCTOR\', a psychotic who now labours his days experimenting with a dark and abhorred surgical art, practice of vivisection- the matching of  human and animal limb. You are his latest victim of his cause. Or are you? Going further into the game you realise that all is not what it seems, and that there are secrets to be discovered- some that will shock you to the core.\r\nTHE GAME:THE INSANITY follows the tradtion of many previous point\'n\'click games but also features many action sub-games to keep the player on his/her toes, involving battles or solving puzzles within set time limits.\r\nThe graphics and story are vivid and not for the squeamish. The game targets the slightly older generation of gamers (12+) and is not suitable for young children to play with its dark psychological themes and strongly unsettling images of gore.\r\nFor more images please visit my blog at-\r\nINSTRUCTIONS\r\nAll movement is controlled by the MOUSE. Double click on items to use and place them back into the inventory.\r\n 
2 years ago
The Red Haired Devil
You a the Devil, but not the normal devil.
1 year ago
Hunting On The Mars
Hunting On The Mars is an shooting based thriller with a bit of horror. Player is attacked by the weired creatures like aliens on mars. He needs to shoot and kill them if he needs to get back to his home on earth. You are blessed with just a simple rifle to attack them and save your lives. Only thing you can do is just aim at them and shoot them.rnrnUse mouse left button click to shoot the aliens.
2 years ago
Small point-and-click adventure in style of films of horrors.An interesting story and the unexpected end of game. The real photos and specially written music create necessary terrible atmosphere.3 alternative ends of the game.
2 years ago
Monsters Date
No Description
1 year ago
Have you ever seen a monster doing his job?! Now you have a unique chance to help one.
1 year ago
The Hold Out
There\'s been an infection out break at the hospital, all hospital entrances and exist have been blocked so the government can contain the virus, till a cure can be found for the virus. Luckily for you, you seem to be immune to the virus. Unlucky tho, your stuck in side the hospital and left all alone to defend for your self. How long can you survive?\r\n
2 years ago
Dare Devil 2
In Dare Devil 2, the objective of the game is to complete the jumps properly. Compared to the first daredevil, this one has more jumps and more bikes than ever to chose from! Make sure you customize your bike properlyso you have a better chance at completing the jumps and racking up points becomeing the most popular dare devil around.
2 years ago
Killer Escape
No Description
1 year ago
Spectra Vondergeist Horror Dress Up
Spectra Vondergeist is a beautiful girl from Monster High but in the real world she is a very scary girl. She looks angry all the time and if she doesnt get what she wants she will get mad and I think you dont want to see her in this mood. Right now she wants to go out in town but she needs some fancy clothes to wear. Help her to choose its from her wardrobe choose a pretty hairstyle a makeup and the accessories that will make everybody jealous at her.
No Description
1 year ago
Ben 10 At The Dentist
Despite fighting fearful enemies Ben 10 has the time to take care of his teeth and maintain a healthy smile. He has come to your cabinet for a routine checkup so use your sophisticated tools in solving his teeth problems.
1 year ago
Draculaura Cupcakes Decoration
Draculaura just got a life insurance and a health insurance and she wants to celebrate. She baked some cupcakes and we need to help her decorate them in the most scary way. Decorate the cupcakes and celebrate Draculaura s life insurance and health insurance. Have fun
1 year ago
Halloween Guardian
You're the Halloween Guardian a giant of this halloween world, you're kind but being so large can be hard at times, you need to watch out for friendly pumpkins passing by, one wrong step and you can splat them by mistake.
1 year ago
Devil's Leap
Fling the devilish block!
3 years ago
Follow the clues and find the key to get the child out of his room before time runs out. Or he gets eaten. Or he manages to kill himself on a relatively harmless item. GEIST is a horror game and I highly recommend you read the INFO page to be warned of any triggering content.
3 months ago
Unholy Flesh
Textadventure game with a twist of horror. It has music and art thrown in it for good measure. If you havent tried a text game before this is the perfect opportunity
3 months ago
Domino Rush
Deep inside underground lab one of the experiments escaped his cage. His name is Slime You are his only hope. On his journey hell have to solve multiple puzzles in 5 different sceneries.
3 months ago
Zombie Attack In Hell
Kill all the zombies
3 months ago
Crush every castle with your trusty paddle and giant steel ball all 30 castles in the country will fear your presence.
3 months ago
Halloween Devil Blast
Match minimum 3 icons in vertical or horizontal manner to earn score. Finish the given target before the time runs out and move on to the next level. Complete all the levels to win the game. Happy Halloween
3 months ago
Invasion From Hell 2 - Fire Down Under
Setup how many units you want to be in charge of resources and battling as you build structures.
3 months ago
Skulls (II)
Clear the skulls from the board in this scary match 3 game. The game includes unique shoottomatch gameplay and fun upgrades and powerups to buy from collected coins.
3 months ago
The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter
Free episodic horror game with original pixelart visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmostphere players will experience a really inmersive environment thought the stimulation of their imagination just like classic horror writers like Poe and Lovecraft used to.
3 months ago
Devils Ride 3
Ride your bike in the silhouette world. Drive fast over collapsing bridges run into others.
3 months ago
Zombie Car Madness
Zombie Car Madness is a driving game. In a land of Zombies where it is difficult for Mankind to Survive comes a car adventure Drive your way past the Zombies by killing them and explore the Zombie land. This action packed Car madness game in the Zombie land is one hell of a ride With four Maps to explore 9 cars to upgrade and upgrades from the garage this will keep you on the edge of your seat.
3 months ago
The Epic Escape Of The Carrot
Harry is trapped in the most haunting place for a carrot to be a fridge. Escaping is his only option Seek help from a cast of wacky characters each one crazier than the last. Break free from the cold walls of hell and escape before fate catches up to you and your little friends
3 months ago
Devil Ride
A new bike game this time a devil is riding on it Try to complete all levels but it wont be easy.
3 months ago
Taxi Driver From Hell
Awesome taxi races are taking place in Hell and now you have the chance to see if you can win them even between hot flames and great depths of the underground. Choose your car unlock tracks and use strategy to make good choices that will give you an advantage. Use your arrow keys to drive the car and X key for a limited speed boost. Win races to get money which will help you upgrade your taxi. Have a blast
3 months ago
Road Devil
Use your truck to bring the required number of crates to the goal and earn money. Your earnings can be used to purchase various truck upgrades that will help you complete tasks more efficiently.
3 months ago
Unleash hell with tons of epic upgrades in this colorblind friendly topdown shooter with plenty of challenge.
3 months ago
The Last Door Ch.4 - Ancient Shadows
Free episodic horror game with original lowres visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score composed by Carlos Viola. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmosphere players will experience a really inmersive environment thought the stimulation of their imagination just like classic horror writers like Poe and Lovecraft used to.
3 months ago
Exmortis 2
Turn the lights down, increase the sound and enter the scary...
3 years ago
Cult Master
Exploit your neighbors Fuel their fears and take their money. Then spread your insidious cult all over town
3 months ago
Jacko In Hell 2
Jacko in Hell returns for his 2nd time! Guide Jacko the pump...
3 years ago
Wheels Of Hell
Drive your vehicle over the mountains of hell as you keep from tipping. Grab the ghosts
3 months ago
Brain Buffet
In a doomed city of zombies and chaos, it is good to be on t...
3 years ago
Elsa Halloween Room 2
A big Halloween party will take place in Elsa s castle and she needs to redecorate the rooms. Let us help Elsa choose the most scary decorations and furniture to make her castle look spooky. You will take a lot of courage to enter the castle rooms after you finish decorating them. Enjoy
2 months ago
Halloween Resident Escape
As its coming up to Halloween i thought you would like to pu...
3 years ago
Elsa Scary Halloween Makeup
Get ready for a fun and scary Halloween makeover with your favorite queen Elsa Prep her skin with creepy spa masks and get rid of the pimples you want her face to be flawless for this makeup. Once you are done go next to the makeup stage. Choose an awesome contouring shape and try on amazing eye shadows with different patterns and colors.
2 months ago
Heaven Or Hell 2
Battle against the forces of Hell in this epic strategy game...
3 years ago
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1 month ago
Reincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell
Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways. Thanks for all the support so far!
3 years ago
Palomilla Hunter
rnPalomilla Hunter is a defense aim and shoot game in which you defend antique ruins of the human realm from the little devils called palomillas. You have a pistol, shotgun and the power of a sun rays at your disposal to get rid of little pests throughout 5 different levels. The game was created by Boneless and There's a variety of enemies per each level and at the end of each level you must fight with the main bad guy called 'the boss'. Find a away to take down the boss and you will clear the level.
1 month ago
Hell Taxi Mayhem
Your job might look as ordinary taxi driver, but in the comf...
3 years ago
Mummy Tombs 2
Oh brave adventurer your task is to enter the Tombs of Death to find treasures beyond imagining. This is but a simple task except for the hordes of bloodthirsty mummies guarding the treasure. Explore the tombs pick up treasures avoid trap doors and blast the mummies to hell and back. Buy new weapons by going to the local Mummy Store and pay with your BLOOD
Heaven Or Hell 2
Battle against the forces of Hell in this epic strategy game. Upgrade your forces and face increasingly difficult odds as you fight the evil minions of Hell.
3 years ago
Horror Plant
Click in the scene to get the human eating plant through each scene in this clicking adventure.
Dopaminium The Heal Journey
The journey for healing and nursing your brain, has started....
3 years ago
Horror Paintings Parodies 3
Throughout history there are many famous painting that depicts the horrors of life by famous artists such as Michelangelo Goya, Blake, Beksinski, Rembrandt, Kahlo, Fuseli, Botero, Ernst, O`keeffe and many more. Take the quiz and see if you recognize any of them. Use your mouse to find 7 secrets, don't forget to take a look into the crystal ball to see the original version of every parody. Enjoy it on Creetor.
1 month ago
Nice horror action games, kill ghots and earn points, it might be difficult to get points at the beginning but once you get going , you will score more points, below 100 points will be considered as very low score.
3 years ago
The Last Door: Chapter 2 Memories
Continuing directly where the first chapter of The Game Kitchen's point-and-click horror adventure game left off, The Last Door: Chapter 2 finds our hero worse off than before. Have fun and enjoy!
1 month ago
Reincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell
Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways. Thanks for all the support so far!
3 years ago
Deeper Sleep
A sequel to an award-winning horror point-and-click game Deep Sleep. Nightmare returns and this time it goes even deeper.
1 month ago
Edgars Dream
Edgard Dreams about freedom, light and air... You must provi...
2 years ago
The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses
Free episodic horror game, with original low-res visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score, composed by Carlos Viola. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmostphere, player's will experience a really inmersive environment thought the stimulation of their imagination, just like classic horror writers like Poe and Lovecraft used to. In this episode, our longest and more thrillig one, Devitt will wander the streets of Old Nichol, a dangerous scum of 1891's victorian London, in search for awnsers.
1 month ago
Dare Devil 2
In Dare Devil 2, the objective of the game is to complete the jumps properly. Compared to the first daredevil, this one has more jumps and more bikes than ever to chose from! Make sure you customize your bike properlyso you have a better chance at completing the jumps and racking up points becomeing the most popular dare devil around.
2 years ago
Five Nights At Freddy's 2
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3 weeks ago
Hank Goes To Hell
Q == TOGGLES QUALITY\r\nMouse == Aim + Shoot\r\nWASD == Move\r\nW (while in the air) == Double Jump\r\n \r\nThis is a boss game. Only one, huge boss. Now you know what you\'re getting in to. Enjoy.\r\n \r\n \r\n 
2 years ago
Saucy Devil Gordon 2
A art museum is holding a treasure hunt event, but it is only for kids, and Gordon is no kid, so help him get around the rules and get his treasure. Explore the museum and talk with people and figure out how to achieve your goal. Enjoy it on Creetor.
2 weeks ago
Itís Dark In Hell
Who needs a nightlight?
2 years ago
Horror Plant
Use carnivore plant to go through dwarf settlements and wipe out all of them to protect the nature in this point and click adventure game! Subtle humour; and loads of evil dwarf blood! There are two possible endings.\r\n------------------------------?----------------\r\nRate and comment it, please :) From feedback I will decide make second part of Horror Plant or not
2 years ago
A horror themed reverse tron. Chase your victim as the game gets progressively harder. Just when your victim thinks they got away, use your built up suspense to capture them. Full instructions in-game.
2 years ago
Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake
\"Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake\" is a point-and-click thriller where you see the world through the eyes of a foreign creature. This blood-thirsty alien moves through the world unseen, leaving only a trace of blood and horror. Point-and-click to interact with the environment. Warning: not recommended for audiences under 17.
2 years ago
Invasion From Hell: Survival
Invasion from Hell: Survival is a tower defense style game that offers strategic control over soldiers during battle. You can name your soldier, upgrade, and equip them with various attributes that will aid you in victory. The game takes place over 7 days during an apocalyptic demonic invasion set in Africa. Your goal is to hold off waves of incoming demons as they try to break through your fortified headquarter entrance. You must protect your base at all costs! The campaign for human survival is taking place right now. JOIN THE FIGHT! 
2 years ago
Dark Legion 2
Evil is back, stronger and smarter! Turn based horror game!\r\nDark legion 2 is sequel to great RPG horror strategy game Dark Legion 1. The goal of the game is to beat all the monsters by matching three or more same types of the symbols or by using various spells.\r\nPlease check ingame \"How to play\" section.\r\nThe game contains 80 levels in Story mode and 3 challenges modes. The minimum gameplay time is 1000 minutes!
2 years ago
Scary Match
scary match is the worlds scariest memory based puzzle game. You are challenged by a demon to try to complete the boards by finding all matches before time runs out. The demon will distract you with gruesome images and taunt you with rude comments. There are 3 levels of difficulty in this awesome but scary game!
2 years ago
Bits And Pieces
This game explores the place where platformer meets bullet hell. It\'s a distillation of some Mario experiences, taken to their logical extreme. Your challenge is to jump carefully through swarms of enemies. A variety of gameplay types, powerups, tilesets, and music keep things fresh and unexpected. CONTROLS: Left/Right to move; X to Jump; Up/Down/C for super skills; Esc to pause or restart level.
2 years ago
Hell Chopper
Drive your chopper through the hell and try to collect as many pumpkins and skulls.
2 years ago
Doodle Devil
Doodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. And now you have to aid Doodle Devil in destruction of everything.rnrnYouíve already created a whole Universe from the four basic elements and you donít know what to do next? Destroy everything to the ground! Discover the seven deadly sins and there will be no coming back for you! Try to combine elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies... which will destroy everything.
2 years ago
Paranormal Shark Activity
Just try to survive from the shark and score as much points as you can.rnrnWith lots of achievements to unlock!rnrnMore instructions in the game.
2 years ago
Down To Hell
In a suicidal missison two brothers decide to rescue their father. Where is that? In hell! Every 4 levels you must defeat a devil until you beat the Devil and rescue their father.rn
2 years ago
Wrath Of Evil
Once upon a time, earth was a great and promising world with people living in peace and harmony. However, demon lord Azazel, wanting to make his demonic army more powerful, found a way for his demons to break free into the earth\'s realm. He found four people whos minds were courrupted and weak, visiting them in their dreams, haunting them and promising them immense power if they help him in his evil plans. They peformed a dark ritual following Azazel\'s instructions and managed to open the gates, allowing demons to pass through one by one, bringing death and destruction to mankind. The ritual transformed the four into demonic archers, who were cursed to forever guard the gates from those who try closing them. Defend the Gates of Hell! Use upgrades and different classes to defend them as long as you can! Spell shortcuts: 1, 2, 3, 4 Features: Stunning art and visuals, Fast paced gameplay, 16 different archer combinations, 6 different spells, Achievements, Bosses, Unlockables, Upgrades, Great special effects, Simple but interesting story!
2 years ago
Your car broke down at an abandoned hospital, its up to you to look around and save the trapped girls!\r\nPoint and click to interact with environment.\r\nDon’t press the tab button!\r\n
2 years ago
Adventurous Trekking
Amanda is getting dressed up for an outing in the forest. Since she is a pure city bred, she is not sure what to wear for the outing in the forest, the right kind of baggage, as well as the right makeup. Help her with her makeup, clothes and jungle pack, so that she has a comfortable stay in the forest. Switch between Makeover and DressUp to find the best combination and be quick or she will miss her group.
2 years ago
Doodle God 2
The long awaited sequel from creators of Doodle God/Devil series is here!rnDoodle God 2 developed by JoyBits Ltd features improved reactions set, tons of funny quotes, two additional episodes of gameplay and updated graphics. The ultimate World Creation experience work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond. But beware, creating a whole world is not so easy - inventing the wheel might just end in a plague of zombies. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God 2!
2 years ago
Devil On Target
Hit the right spot and get as much points as you can. You can also play agains your friend with a multi player option. Have fun
2 years ago
Hell Driver
Being a truck driver in hell is brutal. See if you can drive your way out of a the devils playground!rn
2 years ago
Monster Mowdown 2
Blow apart zombies before they reach your truck! †Use the mouse to shoot and spacebar to summon plow trucks.
2 years ago
Extreme Building Runner
george chased by kingkong while dating his girlfriend run as far as possible before kingkong catch them all!!!rnBe carefull of any obstacles in front of you and grab No Fear energy drink as much as you can too add your stamina. hurry!!!!!!!!!!rnThis game is official product of no fear energy drink based on UK
2 years ago
Twisted Carnival By Pulado
Welcome to the twisted carnival. Enter all rides at your own risk and hopefully you make it out alive! There are five levels of none stop clown blasting action with an insain creepy boss at the end. See if you can beat him! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games
2 years ago
Animondos\' Horror Gallery
America has invite everybody to her shooting gallery, come and join the party by killing some monsters and be the top gunman everrnrnSelect one of the characters, change and improve your weapons, kill monsters, vampires, demons, werewolves, zombies.
2 years ago
Happy Halloween Cutie
Happy Halloween is approaching. Would you love to join the trick or treat game? First dress up, sweet princess, scary witch or cute Miss pumpkin? Here are so many funny Halloween costumes. Choose your favorite one. Let\'s enjoy happy Halloween!
2 years ago
Bubble Struggle 3
Move with ARROW KEYS, shoot with SPACE.rnDon\'t let bubbles touch you.
2 years ago
Hell Diggers
Help the miners get their gold back to the surface in this dangerously challenging puzzle game!
2 years ago
Doodle God 2
The long awaited sequel from creators of Doodle God/Devil series is here!rnDoodle God 2 developed by JoyBits Ltd features improved reactions set, tons of funny quotes, two additional episodes of gameplay and updated graphics. The ultimate World Creation experience work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond. But beware, creating a whole world is not so easy - inventing the wheel might just end in a plague of zombies. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God 2!
2 years ago
Army Of The Dead Tower Defense
Launch arrows at an endless swarm of zombies to protect your castle. Up and down arrows control power, spacebar to shoot.
2 years ago
Night Of Horror
Try to find the differences, in shortest time, at this night of horror.
2 years ago
Scaryass Game 2
Scaryass Game 2 explores the adventures of Ali and Tim, they go on a epic quest to scare the hell out of everyone around them... on their journey they meet different the end it doesn\'t seem very good for them.?
2 years ago
Devil\'s Ride 2
Devil\'s Ride is back with new exciting challenge and extreme stunts. Follow the route and collect coins to score points. Pass the cliffs carefully or you may lose live. Use space bar to change direction of your bike. You have limited lives to complete each level. rnrnHelp :rnrnUse arrow keys to drive. Space bar to change direction.
2 years ago
Running Men
Some global Corporation carries out professional development training for their managers. You play as one of these managers, who perform the tasks of training by means of guinea pigs.rnrnYou\'ve never seen anything like it. At first glance, you might think that it\'s a usual arcade-puzzle game. But actually, it\'s a serious psychological drama with unique gameplay and elements of social satire. After playing this game you will forever change your attitude to computer and video games.
2 years ago
Halloween Escape 1
You are trapped in a spooky place surrounded by carved pumpkins, candles and tricky puzzles. Find your way out of the room
2 years ago
Death\'s Embrace Escape 2
Use your Mouse to point & click on the rooms. Find objects and use them to help you escape the embrace of death in this scary escape the room game!†
2 years ago
Blackwood Prologue
Explore the dreams of a young boy, foreshadowing the events of his future. There are 6 hidden orbs that you need to find.
2 years ago
Dirty Devils
Try to push the devils into boiling pots. Shoot bombs. Try to use a little shots as possible to achieve better score. It wonít be easy. You are messing with the Dirty Devils!
2 years ago
Scary Bone Collector
Press the mouse button to shoot the hand and collect the bones.
2 years ago
Scary Couples
Draw a line with your mouse on the hexagons to connect two or more icons of same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect the icons.
2 years ago
Galactic 123 Zombies
Galactic 123 Zombies. A manga anime , action adventure scifi game with a plot. Lead your squadron and eliminate an army of zombies getting ready to invade. Use a variety of weapons to get rid of the zombies. Laser, shotguns, and more! rn---rnHow to play: Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. SPACEBAR (or Z) to fire. Keys 1-3 to select weapon. H to heal (ground mode only). If you have unlocked / equipped any optional extra weapons in any of the episodes, you can access them with keys 4-7 (ground mode only). And checkpoints are your friends! If you lose, you will return to the last checkpoint, not to the beginning of the game! (They also replenish your health and weapons) --- 13
2 years ago
Horror Forest Drive
Unforgettable tour of terrible forest.
2 years ago
Horror Lab
A couple of years ago, a zombie epidemic has threatened the world. The threat was contained and all undeads were eridicated. The government kept the last zombies inside a top-secret laboratory for experiments. Unfortunately, the undead has broke out of their cells and are running towards the exit. Shoot and kill all of them before they start another epidemic!
2 years ago
Scary Stories. Find Objects
To pass each level, you must find all the hidden objects. If you need assistance, use the hint.
2 years ago
All people infected by unknown virus and turned into zombies. You must get out of this hell. Drive the tractor, kill zombies on your way, buy useful upgrades and get out of town as fast as possible.
2 years ago
Hammering Halloween
Toss the pumpkin as far as you can!rnrnAim with mouse, click once to release the pumpkin, click again to slam it! Collect skulls to get extra shots and gain more distance.
2 years ago
Space Heroes 5
In the year 20xx the earth is under the brink of total annihilation at the hands of a group of aliens! They had been attacking earth now for a few years and at first the people of earth were able to hold them back. But at last the space invaders broke through earth\'s defense and sent down a giant drill to destroy the earth\'s core. During this whole time, the nations of earth knew they would have to work together if they wanted to save the planet from being destroyed so they formed the Earth Alliance. They brought hundreds of the world\'s greatest minds together to build a mechanical machine that could stop the aliens. At last it was built and not a moment to soon. But as they turned the machine on it went crazy. It blew up destroying the building but the core was made out of the alien technology. After the energy blew everywhere it went into five people giving them unseen power and so the Earth Alliance recruited them and called them Space Heroes 5! They are the only ones who can fight to save the planet now! rn
2 years ago
Horror Halloween Night
This addicting game called Horror Halloween Night will keep you playing for hours! Don\'t forget to play the games in the category Skill Games and Halloween Games group.
2 years ago
Midnight Zombie Shooter 1.0
Its midnight. Our game hero aka you the player lost in a jungle. The jungle is full of zombies and Frankenstein. In the game you have to jump run and shoot and save your self from this horrified situation. Every level the game gets harder to play. As not only walking zombies block your path but every now and then a zombie car comes and smash you off the screen. Welcome to Midnight Zombie Shooter Game.
2 years ago
Highway Of Hell
Superior graphic and gameplay make this biker game to one of the best ever made.
2 years ago
Spaulding\'s Run
Simply running Game for those who like Devil’s Rejects.You have 60 sec to escape from bats and reach your car. Use your LEFT MOUSE to jump. Avoid Holes but collect skulls as much you can. Good luck! Use your LEFT MOUSE to jump.
2 years ago
Spaulding's Run
Simply running Game for those who like Devil’s Rejects.You have 60 sec to escape from bats and reach your car. Use your LEFT MOUSE to jump. Avoid Holes but collect skulls as much you can. Good luck! Use your LEFT MOUSE to jump.
2 years ago
Zombie Racer
Just for the night of Halloween, the Tomb Rider is here and ...
2 years ago
Slender Is Here
Your nightmare has just begun. Slender is near and ready to catch you in his terrible paws. Flee from Slender as long as you can, but be aware - it always overtake you. Jump over the pit, and do not hesitate. Slender is coming! Z to jump and double jump, X to roll.
2 years ago
Heaven Or Hell 2
The fight between Good and Evil is an endless one, except the fight now has become a full on war. First Select your team members, arrange them in a battle formation and then go to war. Once in a fight you click on your team members and they will give you options to either attack or defend. You can also put your team members on auto pilot. You can move characters around if you wish to. Buy more of the same or different kind of troops and weapons to fight the demons, gain money and upgrade your army to destroy the spawn of the Devil!
2 years ago
Boys N Devils
Its very interesting logic game. You need cross the rivers, but a terrific thing is you need to travel with devil. Help the boys and devils to cross the river. Click on them to move. Then click the GO button to move the boat to opposite direction. If the boys are out numbered by the devils on either side of the river they get killed by the devils.
2 years ago

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18 Wheeler 191

2 Players 2792

3D 6477

4x4 365

8 Ball 102

9 Ball 76

911 1493


Ace 169

Action 63104

Action 3D 480

Adventure 32550

Age 4991

Aim 1542

Air 8983

Air Force 22

Air Hockey 102

Air Strike 38

Air Traffic 45

Air War 51

Airline 27

Airplane 3041

Airplane Parking 55

Airport 198

Alchemy 48

Alien 3351

Ambulance 309

Ambush 52

American Football 179

Anagram 19

Angel 676

Angry 1031

Animal 48853

Anime 121

Ant 237

Apple 823

Aquarium 169

Arcade 22496

Archer 890

Arena 740

Army 2044

Art 1825

Asphalt 23

Asteroids 775

Asylum 45

Attack 2521

ATV 780

Auto 36734

Avoiding 2931


Baby 8710

Baby Bath 261

Baby Care 857

Babysitting 346

Backgammon 7

Bad 506

Badminton 44

Bakery 946

Baking 10064

Balance 1650

Ball 13354

Ballet 133

Balloon 1361

Banana 456

Bar 896

Baseball 481

Basketball 1149

Bath 1278

Bathroom 1511

Battle 2757

Battlefield 231

Battleship 138

Beach 1741

Bear 1146

Beat 'Em Up 11655

Beating 11625

Beauty 6930

Beauty Salon 177

Bedroom 489

Bee 650

Bicycle 771

Bike Race 420

Billiards 1255

Bird 2576

Blocks 2480

BMX 485

Board Games 3263

Boat 2271

Bomber 327

Bombing 2958

Boss 736

Bouncing 1528

Bow & Arrow 890

Bowling 532

Box 1604

Boxing 12703

Boyfriend 285

Boys 11035

Brain Training 3767

Breakout 7448

Brick 595

Bride 1007

Bridge 286

Bubbles 3126

Bug 635

Building 3869

Bunny 1212

Burger 985

Bus 529

Bus Parking 78

Business 888

Butterfly 394


Cafe 322

Cake 5073

Camping 283

Candy 3481

Cannon 1985

Car 36770

Car Parking 1418

Car Racing 1654

Cards 2474

Cargo 266

Caring 13554

Carrot 266

Cartoon 6987

Castle 1885

Cat 3234

Catapult 303

Catching 1581

Celebrity 3875

Centipede 16

Chainsaw 43

Checkers 116

Cheerleader 185

Cheese 566

Chef 1811

Chess 262

Chest 102

Chicken 1531

Chocolate 1024

Christmas 6733

Circuit Racing 225

Circus 314

City 2244

City Racing 120

Civilization 67

Clash 141

Classroom 243

Claw 53

Cleaning 3744

Clothing 40144

Coin 1073

Collapse 268

Collect 12811

Colony 120

Coloring 8374

Combat 557

Comic 181

Commando 697

Connect 882

Construction 266

Cookies 885

Cooking 9984

Cool 1787

Cop 969

Couple 1276

Cow 265

Cowboy 330

Craft 293

Crane 129

Crash 1061

Crazy 3775

Cricket 276

Crime 1043

Criminal 645

Crossword 128

Crush 626

Crystal 346

Cube 615

Cupcake 808

Cupid 307

Customize 1643

Cut 593

Cute 5992

Cycling 1090


Dancing 1262

Darts 238

Dash 580

Dating 10992

Daycare 87

Decoration 8587

Defense 11707

Delivery 630

Demolition 2589

Dentist 1229

Derby 81

Desert 863

Design 2855

Destroy 2589

Detective 450

Devil 401

Diamonds 567

Dice 130

Difference 4904

Digger 238

Diner 1211

Dinner 599

Dinosaur 1028

Dirt Bike 514

Diving 453

DJ 88

Doctor 4929

Dog 2600

Doll 1694

Dolphin 291

Domino 86

Donut 302

Dots 266

Downhill 145

Drag Racing 130

Dragging 536

Dragon 1730

Drawing 952

Dress 34789

Dress Up 35520

Drifting 856

Driving 38449

Drumming 55

Duck 505

Dummy 115

Dungeon 513

Dynamite 105


Earn 1123

Easter 879

Educational 7593

Egg 1091

Elephant 260

Elevator 136

Emo 475

Empire 324

Epic 650

Escape 7448

Evil 1396

Evolution 150

Eye 1154


Facial 1104

Factory 492

Fairy 2247

Fairy Dress Up 294

Family 3020

Fantasy 25524

Farming 1518

Fart 125

Fashion 39757

Fashion Show 161

Fast 4900

Fast Food 2659

Fat 193

Feet 523

Fighting 12739

Find 12452

Fire 2377

Fire Truck 141

Firefighter 108

Fireworks 150

First Person Shooter 1235

Fishing 2976

Flight 3614

Flight Simulator 56

Flirting 144

Flower 3585

Flowing 120

Flying 9843

FMX 59

Food 25534

Football 4320

For Girls 134089

Force 728

Forest 1221

Forklift 59

Fox 260

Free Kick 368

Free Running 20

Freecell 42

Frenzy 647

Friend 2975

Frog 622

Fruit 3469

Funny 28172

Furry 230


Galaxy 7272

Gang 167

Gangster 312

Garden 3585

Gem 2808

Ghost 1018

Giant 383

Gladiator 72

Goalkeeper 124

Goat 122

God 242

Gold 1458

Gold Mine 107

Golf 825

Grand 307

Granny 187

Gravity 1066

Growing 522

Guess 807

Guitar 171

Gun 5223

Gym 408


Hair 3680

Hair Salon 426

Hairdresser 843

Halloween 3429

Hamster 210

Hangman 74

Happy 2738

Haunted 261

Head 2443

Hearts 823

Heavy 329

Helicopter 973

Hell 943

Hero 2701

Hidden Numbers 1205

Hidden Objects 6960

High School 247

High Score 1231

Highway 419

Hockey 327

Holiday 2046

Home 1480

Hood 260

Horror 392

Horse 1597

Horse Racing 99

Horse Riding 99

Hospital 1789

Hot Dog 156

Hotel 321

House 6893

Hunting 2251


Ice 2994

Ice Cream 1307

Ice Hockey 58

Idle 215

Indian 298

Invader 899

Investigation 388

Island 997


Jail 431

Jeep 194

Jelly 355

Jet 316

Jet Fighter 19

Jet Pack 158

Jewel 1159

Jigsaw Puzzle 5207

Job 3903

Jumping 6918

Jungle 994


Karate 81

Kart 354

Kick 1039

Kids 19133

King 1386

Kingdom 684

Kissing 10278

Kitchen 10569

Kitten 444

Knife 110

Knight 998

Kung Fu 265


Launch 2100

Laundry 236

Legend 469

Life 1423

Line 1154

Lion 168

Logic 1974

Love 11135

Love Test 41


Madness 1541

Mafia 272

Magic 3783

Magnet 167

Mahjong 1433

Make Up 9177

Makeover 43654

Mall 289

Man 1387

Management 14386

Manager 3170

Manga 195

Mania 1163

Manicure 761

Mansion 146

Marble 208

Mass 118

Massage 211

Match 3 2139

Matching 11075

Math 2125

Mayhem 497

Maze 1488

Medieval 1693

Memory 2760

Mermaid 927

Meteor 775

Military 2044

Millionaire 49

Mind 938

Mine 942

Mini 1096

Minigolf 224

Mission 1424

MMO 137


Mom 1307

Money 1488

Monkey 1453

Monster 8288

Monster Truck 1160

Motocross 566

Motor Racing 8983

Motorcycle 6407

Mouse 18947

Multiplayer 2265

Mummy 184

Music 2828

Mutant 211

Mystery 860

Mystic 216


Nail Salon 761

Nails 1729

Navy 77

Nerd 240

Ninja 2266

Nurse 277


Off Road 516

Office 583

Olympics 274

Operation 463


Paintball 76

Painting 7885

Pancake 299

Panda 700

Pandemic 18

Papa 176

Paper Plane 43

Parachute 96

Paratrooper 42

Parking 5408

Parkour 44

Party 4202

Patience 75

Penalty 357

Penguin 1157

Pets 2116

Phone 161

Photo 2930

Physics 4591

Piano 137

Pig 710

Pilot 306

Pinball 306

Ping Pong 175

Pipe 290

Piranha 58

Pirate 1291

Pistol 5223

Pixel 1350

Pizza 1271

Plague 329

Plan 468

Planet 1339

Plant 2447

Plasma 44

Platform 7559

Point & Click 739

Police 969

Police Car 97

Pony 941

Pool 1322

Pop 1003

Popcorn 99

Popstar 373

Portal 247

Power 2133

Pregnant 1178

Prince 593

Princess 10290

Prison 431

Prom 638

Protect 812

Puppy 753

Puzzle 68631

Pyramid 218


Quad 260

Queen 1127

Quest 1158

Quiz 1124


Rabbit 984

Racing 15402

Racing Car 1229

Ragdoll 374

Railway 1496

Rainbow 573

Rally 509

Rampage 411

Rat 219

Rescue 1889

Resort 146

Restaurant 1914

Ricochet 138

Road 2154

Robber 226

Robot 2873

Rock 1078

Rocket 1341

Roller Coaster 83

Romantic 9945

Rome 75

Room Decoration 567

Rooms 6688

RPG 6388

Rugby 93

Runner 790

Running 4477

Rush 1846


Sailing 159

Salon 1663

Samurai 350

Santa 2189

Scary 2163

School 2453

School Bus 110

Scramble 172

Sea 5756

Search 13160

Serving 3917

Shark 423

Sheep 388

Shift 255

Ship 2271

Shoe 648

Shoot 'Em Up 38634

Shooter 22750

Shooting 39159

Shootout 352

Shopping 3447

Shot 989

Sick 228

Silly 3775

Simulation 2301

Skate 921

Skateboarding 653

Skiing 394

Skill 22975

Skull 228

Sky 8975

Skydiving 28

Slacking 632

Slice 364

Sliding Puzzle 335

Smashing 761

Snail 244

Snake 726

Sniper 1837

Snooker 114

Snow 2840

Snowball 257

Snowboarding 428

Soccer 2653

Social 261

Soldier 827

Solitaire 858

Spa 1945

Space 10869

Spaceship 2183

Spades 15

Spartan 50

Speed 2614

Speed Car 112

Spelling 387

Spider 433

Spider Solitaire 42

Sports 23042

Spot The Difference 1139

Spring 924

Spying 248

Stacker 142

Star 3198

Stickman 2419

Store 710

Story 1242

Strategy 23719

Street 1737

Strike 639

Stunt Bike 350

Stunt Driving 2000

Stunt Pilot 43

Stunts 2000

Stylist 13716

Submarine 313

Subway 57

Sugar 200

Summer 2063

Sumo 91

Super 4493

Superhero 1160

Supermarket 137

Surfing 269

Surgery 1024

Survival 1935

Sushi 356

SWAT 697

Swimming 659

Sword 793


Taco 117

Talking 978

Tank 2004

Tattoo 301

Taxi 598

Teacher 305

Team 700

Teen 514

Teeth 622

Temple 325

Tennis 500

Test 1334

Thief 590

Throwing 2488

Tic Tac Toe 156

Tiger 184

Time Management 11695

Titan 383

Toilet 93

Tornado 53

Tower 3921

Tower Defense 2449

Town 813

Toy 9216

Tractor 493

Traffic 537

Trail 761

Trailer 149

Train 1496

Treasure 1286

Trivia 101

Troll 205

Truck 5695

Truck Parking 490

Truck Race 1129

Turbo 402

Turn Based 532

Turtle 519

Twins 378

Tycoon 279

Typing 881


UFO 312

Undead 7462

Underground 120

Unicorn 239

Unity 4112

Upgrade 3910

Urban 1390


Valentine 1171

Vampire 551

Viking 202

Village 376

Virtual 173

Virus 329

Volleyball 234


Waitress 145

War 5617

Warfare 1029

Warrior 775

Water 7289

Weapon 7900

Wedding 3521

Wedding Cake 300

Wedding Dress Up 444

Werewolf 87

Western 443

Winter 9550

Witch 630

Wizard 609

Wolf 404

Word 1869

Word Puzzle 374

Word Search 498

Worm 370

Wrestling 204


Zombie 7266

Zombie Shooter 1652

Zoo 410