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Fortunate Mother Dress Up
Try on loads of cute maternity outfits Take a young momtobe model and give her brand new clothes. Wear colorful shirts stylish jackets and pleated skirts. Sport a different hairstyle and wear sparkling jewelry. Take a picture and make the other moms jealous
7 months ago
Crazy Mom
Can you solve the puzzles and complete all of your tasks?
6 months ago
Elsa Mommy Vogue Interview
Elsa has a wonderful opportunity to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Join her for a wonderful interview and learn new and interesting things about Elsa and her life. Answer each question and have lots of fun with Elsa and her sweet baby who will be present for the interview. Enjoy
6 months ago
Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover
Help Elsa and her sweet daughter get a beauty treatment. Follow the steps and use the luxury products bought wit Elsa s credit card. Make the girls look fantastic and after the beauty treatment is done dress them up. Have fun
5 months ago
Mom And Doughter At The Beach
This lovely mom and her daughter want to spend her day at the beach. You need to help them pack all the needed things and toys. Also dress them up in some nice bathing suits and make sure they have a great time at the beach. Enjoy
5 months ago
Design Baby Tutu
Play this fun game and help this cute mommy design and make a cute tutu for her baby daughter. Follow the instructions and comlplete each task to make sure the tutu will look amazing. Have fun
4 months ago
Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant BFFs
Have fun with Ladybug and Elsa in a new caring game The two mommies to be decided to have a memorable time together so join them and see how they spend the day. Start by giving the two BFFs their vitamins pick the most awesome belly tattoo for each of them and get ready for dress up. Choose a cute outfit for Ladybug and Elsa and they will be ready to go out
4 months ago
Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant BFF
Have fun with Ladybug and Elsa in a new caring game The two mommies to be decided to have a memorable time together so join them and see how they spend the day. Start by giving the two BFFs their vitamins pick the most awesome belly tattoo for each of them and get ready for dress up.
3 months ago
Camel Calf Escape
Camel Calf Escape is another point and click escape game developed by firstescapegames. A camel calf has been abducted and kept hidden in a cottage. The little calf is not happy being separated from its mother. You must do something about it. Yes you need to help the calf escape from the cottage and be united with its mother. Look for clues and solve the puzzles to achieve the task. All the best and have fun
3 months ago
Moms Kitchen Room Escape
Moms Kitchen Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game developed by You are trapped inside in a moms kitchen .The door of the moms kitchen is locked. There are two way to escape from this kitchen room. Find any one of the way or both the ways to escape from the moms kitchen room. Have a fun game play
3 months ago
Surprise Party For Mom
Lucy Tommy and their father want to do something special for their moms birthday. They decided together to organize a surprise party and for that they have to clean the house decorate the living room and cook something good. Join them and follow their adventure by discovering the hidden numbers in each level. Show your skills and have a great time playing our new hidden object game
3 months ago
Savage Food Battle
The savage mother and son came out to pick fruits for their family. But a gorilla constantly stand in their way and fight for the fruits with them. The mother and son should work together to collect all fruits successfully. Enjoy this fun savage food battle game
3 months ago
Rapunzel Mommy Toddler Feed
Its breakfast time with Rapunzel and her cute toddler Join the two princesses in this new caring game and help Rapunzel feed her daughter. Warm up the milk and mix in the cereals then feed the little one. When she starts crying calm her down with a glass of water toys or sweet kisses.
3 months ago
Mommy Chloe Playdate Prep
Chloe is getting ready to take her sweet baby in the park to enjoy the fresh air and the company of other cute kids. Before they can go out you need to help Chloe feed her baby sing to him and play together. Next step is to choose a nice outfit for the beautiful mommy and some chic accessories. Have fun with Chloe and her cute baby
3 months ago
Aria Baby Room Decoration
Aria is the happiest mommy ever and today she wants to decorate her babys room. Why dont you join her in this new decorating game She really needs your help. There are lots of pieces of furniture which you can use. Combine them and make the room look perfect.
2 months ago
Mommy Eliza Baby Shopping
Eliza and her sweet baby are getting ready for an amazing shopping session. The girls will visit the mall and buy all kind of clothes and toys and other interesting fashion items. Before they can go out they need some proper outfits. Dress up the girls and make sure they look perfect for this shopping trip. Have fun
1 month ago
Modern Mom Shopping
Lets go shopping with the most amazing mom in town. She and her baby girl are ready to go to the mall and try on some new clothes and accessories. Will you join the Dress them up and have fun
1 month ago
Super Mom Barbara
Play this fun game and see how can a super mom manage the daily tasks. Help out beautiful lady take care of her cute baby. Have fun
1 month ago
Jasmine Baby Wash
Go on a magical mother daughter bonding adventure with Jasmine and her little girl to learn how to take care of a baby princess. Wash the cute girl using the finest products found in the kingdom of Agrabah and get ready for the magic carpet ride!
3 weeks ago
Makeover Studio High School To College
This lovely girl is going to college! Her mom is celebrating this by allowing her to pick out a whole new wardrobe, wow!! Can you help her out turning her old high-school outfit into a dashing new outfit for college? First help her find the right outfit, then make sure she has the right hairstyle and finish up by giving her the perfect makeup!
3 weeks ago
Pregnant Eliza Pool Fun
Eliza and her cute baby are enjoying a beautiful day by the pool. It's very important the the mommy relax because she expects her second baby. Start by dressing her up in some nice and comfy clothes. Choose a cute hat and some sunglasses too.
3 weeks ago
Rapunzel And Flynn Baby Care
Rapunzel is a loving mother who takes very good care of her baby. Today the baby is restless and she needs your help to comfort him and make him feel better. Follow the instructions and help Rapunzel and Flynn feed the baby and keep him happy.
3 weeks ago
Mommy Elsie Winter Day
Elsie and her cute baby girl decided to go out and play in the snow today. Join them right away and lets help them get ready. They need some nice clothes to keep them warm. Start with the little girl she cant wait to see what youre going to pick for her. Take your time and pick the prettiest clothing items.
1 week ago
New Mom Beauty Spa
This young woman recently gave birth to a beautiful baby. Now she must bring herself to order after those difficult nine months. Choose the best cosmetics, clothes and accessories to return the young mom to her former beauty.
2 years ago
Super Mom Dress Up
Brighten up this momma\'s baby bump!
2 years ago
Amazing Mom DressUp
Dress up this wonderful mother in tourist comfort with various different outfits. There are a variety of shirts, pants, shoes, hair, hats, and watches for you to choose from to make her look her best. After you dress her up make sure the family is ready for mothers photograph so she can share all her memories in the future.
2 years ago
Fashion Mom Maternity Wear
This stylish pregnant mom likes to keep her updated on what is going around this fashion world. She likes to wear stylish and trendy clothes always. Now, she has been out of the fashion updates for a while and it is time to go to the hospital for a regular check up. Help this cute mom to select the perfect and stunning outfit, give her some makeover and choose the perfect accessories to make her look gorgeous and elegant.
2 years ago
Go To School With Mother
The girl is preparing for her school as per everyday but she found that her mother will go today with her. Can you let your hand to dress up her mother as well as this cute girl? Take a look the wardrobe and at first dress up the mother with sizzling outfits and sparkling jewelries, then dress the cute girl by picking up the some pretty dresses and accessories and make both of them gorgeous. Happy journey!
2 years ago
Nicole\'s Mommy Challenge
Help Nicole become the best mom she can possibly be.
2 years ago
Robot Mom
It\'s an unknown year and our story begins on the moon, near a nameless planet. You are a little robot trying to escape the facility on the moon. Get back to the nameless planet where you might find your mother. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.
2 years ago
Flower Bouquet Design
Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are designing bouquets of flowers to give to their moms for Mother\'s Day. Design your very own flower arrangement!
2 years ago
Christmas Gift From My Mom
I got a cute puppy from my mother as Christmas gift but needs your help to make it ready before Christmas eve. Start taking care of her by bathing, cutting her fur and nails, feeding. Once you complete all i think she will look really awesome and we can have lots of fun during the party with this cute puppy. Merry Christmas!
2 years ago
Lovely Flower Baby Coloring
This little girl Daisy wants to congratulate her mommy with the Mother’s Day! But she needs your help! Color this sweet baby anyhow you like! Then you can save the picture and send this cutie with your Mother’s Day greetings!\r\nInstructions:\r\nChoose color by clicking on pencils on the bottom. Then click on the area you want to color. If you\'d like to use different color click on the Rainbow pearls button on the right. Missed the right spot? Click Left Arrow button to undo. Changed your mind? Click Right Arrow button to redo. Add the greeting text to your picture - press the T-button. You can color the text anyhow you like! Want to save your colored picture - click the Camera button. You can also print the outline picture and color the paper version. Click Printer button for this. Click on the baby to discover another Mother’s Day coloring!
2 years ago
Lovely Flower Baby Coloring
This little girl Daisy wants to congratulate her mommy with the Mother’s Day! But she needs your help! Color this sweet baby anyhow you like! Then you can save the picture and send this cutie with your Mother’s Day greetings!\r\nInstructions:\r\nChoose color by clicking on pencils on the bottom. Then click on the area you want to color. If you\'d like to use different color click on the Rainbow pearls button on the right. Missed the right spot? Click Left Arrow button to undo. Changed your mind? Click Right Arrow button to redo. Add the greeting text to your picture - press the T-button. You can color the text anyhow you like! Want to save your colored picture - click the Camera button. You can also print the outline picture and color the paper version. Click Printer button for this. Click on the baby to discover another Mother’s Day coloring!
2 years ago
Mermaid New Baby 2
The sequel of funny game Mermaid New Baby is coming! The newborn mermaid needs to be taken good care of. You need to prepare milk for her, play with her, and dress her up with beautiful clothes! Have fun!
1 year ago
Being pregnant is not easy. Clothes does not fit and this can ruin your day. Queen Elsa needs some new clothes and you are the one to help her. Make Elsa look fantastic in her mommy clothes. Have fun
Flowers For Mommy
No Description
1 year ago
Chic Mom And Daughter
No Description
1 year ago
A Mother In Festerwood
No Description
1 year ago
Fashion Mom Maternity Wear
No Description
1 year ago
My Mom
No Description
1 year ago
Mother's Day Gift Wrapping
No Description
1 year ago
Mommy To Be
No Description
1 year ago
Surprise Party For Mom
Lucy, Tommy and their father want to do something special for their mom's birthday.
1 year ago
Octo Mom
You've been hired as Octomoms new nanny! Take care for the babies because octomom has her mind to other things..
1 year ago
Mom's Cook
Prepare and serve delicious pancakes to the kids before they start to cry.
1 year ago
Happy Mother's Day Dress Up
Dress up the mother for an amazing Mother's Day
1 year ago
Christmas Gift From My Mom
I got a cute puppy from my mother as Christmas gift but needs your help to make it ready before Christmas eve.
1 year ago
Mommys Kitchen
Last night after the party the kitchen is all full of dirt and things strewn about.
1 year ago
Coloring Mother's Day -1
Mother's day -1 Coloring Game
1 year ago
Moms Facial Time
Being a mom is not easy. Most of her time spend with kids and in household chores.
1 year ago
Pregnant Mommy Care
Play this fun game and take good care of this future mommy. Feed her tasty food and natural fruits juice. Play happy music for the baby and check the mother s heart rater and blood pressure. Next you have to take the mommy to the hospital and help her give bith to her baby girl. When the baby is born give her a bath and dress her up in warm clothes. Enjoy
Pregnant Mom Cleaning Living Room
Help this nice pregnant lady clean her messy living room. There is trash all over the place. Follow the instructions and use the cleaning tools to make the place tidy and nice looking. Make sure you finish before the time runs out. Enjoy
Baby And Mother
Spend a nice afternoon with this cute family prepare this lovable baby for a great day in the park taking a delicious picnic then go shopping with his mother. Mixmatch beautiful clothes colored and comfortable and have fun with them.
Meesha Dress Up
We have a novelty for you Barbie has a baby. Her little girl is very sweet and in this game you can meet her at the kindegarten. And apart of this you can help the little girl to dress up so she look as good as her mother. Good luck
1 year ago
Pou Bath And Care
You can play Pou Bath And Care in your browser for free. Pou needs his bath. Help his mother give him a nice and warm bathdo not forget to use his favorite shampoo and toys in the bubbly bath tub. After he is clean dry him up and dress Pou in his favorite clothes. Now he is happy and ready for a good nap.
1 year ago
Mommy And Puppy
Have you heard of the new puppy health insurance It is a special insurance for all the animal lovers. This cute dog mommy is about to deliver her babies and you need to take good care of the sweet animals. Follow the instructions to fulfill this fun task.
Meet Lulu's Mother Sophie
Meet Lulu's Mother Sophie! Get them both dressed up from different styles and cute clothes to wear. Make them look pretty!
1 year ago
Mom Cooking Dinner
No Description
1 year ago
Moms Cook
No Description
1 year ago
Pregnant Mom Cleaning Living Room
Cleaning your house can be difficult when you are pregnant. This nice mommy needs your help to make her house clean and tidy again. Follow the steps and use the cleaning tools to help her finish the job in time. Have fun
1 year ago
Totos Mothers Day
Tomorrow will be Mothers Day and Toto wont miss the chance to impress her mother with a visit and a nice gift Help him pick a gift and help his mother dress up for this occasion Have fun
1 year ago
Mommy Nose Doctor
Mommy is a full time mom and rarely has time to take care of herself. She finally decided to go and get her nose checked up because it has provoked her serious pain lately. You discover an infection so you must urgently clean the area disinfect it and puff some nasal spray to make her feel better again.
1 year ago
Baby Hazel Skin Trouble
Baby Hazel woke up feeling itchy and really scared herself when she saw her image in the mirror with plenty of red rashes all over her face and body. The doctor immediately came and prescribed her pills and instructions what to do so it seems that Hazel can not get out of her room and interact with other persons not even with her baby brother and beloved pets. Help her mother take good care of Baby Hazel make her feel better and happy so she can forget about the pain and get well soon.
1 year ago
Mommys Fun Makeover
Choose a nice refreshing makeover for this lovely girl make her look fabulous for a long and exhausting day with bright colours nice accessories loud hair colour and a cute outfit.
1 year ago
Baby Rapunzel Cooking Cake Balls
If you want to taste a delicious treat join Baby Rapunzel for a fun cooking session. Today she bought from the internet with her mother credit card a new cooking recipe of cake balls so she needs all the help she can get to surprise everybody with a delicious desert. Enjoy
1 year ago
Baby Hazel Dining Manners
Baby Hazel decided its time she learned about dining etiquettes how to arrange a table and behave properly in order to make her mom proud of her. Help Baby Hazel arrange the dining space in a lovely way and put everything in its place set up the table then join her mother in cooking a delicious dinner. After enjoying a great dinner help Hazel clear up the table.
1 year ago
Sofia The First Foot Doctor 2
Sofia the First was playing with her animal friends in the forest when she accidentally hurt her foot pretty bad. Now her mother is trying to calm Sofia and make the pain go away. Grab your tools and rush to the castle to take good care of our beloved princess. Gently heal her wounds so she can go outside again and have fun.
1 year ago
Baby Hazel Dental Care
It is time for Baby Hazel to go for a dental check up and learn all about oral hygiene. Yes it is because of the sweet candies she ate all the time. She has a servere toothache which needs treatment. As her mom is not at home Baby Hazel needs someone help to go to Dentist. Can you be the one to help her Quickly take her to the clinic for a checkup and listen to dentists advice carefully. Bring her back home and handover her to mom.
1 year ago
Baby Hazel Royal Bath
Baby Hazel has been sad lately and rather forgotten cause her mother has been busy with her baby brother Matt but she has a surprise coming up. To make up her mother needs your help to prepare for baby Hazel a royal bath starting with a relaxing and soothing massage flowers body milk and lots of delicious treats. Afterwards Baby Hazel will try on lots of princess like dresses and accessories and will feel incredible so join her on this nice day.
1 year ago
Baby Hazel Mischief Time
Baby Hazel is up to no good lately her mischievous character coming up to light. Thinking that her sweet little baby is sleeping like an angel Hazels mother is going out shopping but Baby Hazel is slicker she is pretending to sleep and waits until her mother is gone to start the party. As she is alone in the house she can do whatever she wants from reading her mother magazines making paper planes drawing on the walls. She calls her her friend Baby Mia to join in her mischievous activities and have fun together dancing jumping on the sofa eating junk food. Unfortunately her mother will come soon so help them cleaning up the mess and put everything back to their place as if nothing has happened.
1 year ago
Pregnant Mom Cleaning Living Room
Help this cute mommy clean her living room. The place is really messy and the lady needs some help because she gets tired very quick. Use your skills to make the place shine and the mommy happy. Have fun
1 year ago
Clawdeen Wolf Nose Doctor
Clawdeen Wolf did not listen to her mother when she told her not to pick up her nose because it is not nice now she is waiting for you to make her feel better. Become a crazy nose doctor and solve her problems in this awesome game.
1 year ago
Baby Hazel New Born Baby
Baby Hazel is really happy about the newest member of her family sweet baby Matt and she is eagerly waiting home for her mother to return with her brother from the hospital. Baby Hazel wants to be a good sister and help her mother out but she cant take care of her brother all alone so give her a hand in making Matts crib play with him please him and put him to bed. Have lots of fun with Hazel and her family.
1 year ago
Elsa And Her Mom Hairstyle
Now we know from where Elsa got her good looking. Her mom the queen looks amazing and today you will get the chance to do both the queen and the beloved ice princess hair so use your imagination and create fabulous royal hairstyles.
Baby Hazel Skin Trouble
Baby Hazel had not such a good surprise this morning in the bathroom when she realized that her face is full of red rashes. She immediately called her mother and they both went to the doctor. It seems that sweet Hazel has a skin infection so the doctor prescribed her medicines and creams but also Hazel is not allowed to contact outer ambiance. Help her mother entertain Hazel and make her forget about the pain and itches but also sadness that Hazel can not play with her baby brother and beloved pets.
Mommy Washing Clothes
Help the pregnant lady wash her dirty laundry. Follow the instructions and put the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Very soon the clothes will be clean. Have fun
Girly Toddley Dress Up
Have you met Andreea She is a very sweet baby and today her mother has to go to work and she let you to take care of her. You love babies and this should be fun. Choose for Andreea a nice outfit a hairstyle socks and be sure that she gets her favorite toy. She is a very good little girl and you shouldnt have problems with her. Im sure that Andreea will love to spend time with you again. Have fun
Barbie Super Mom
Super Barbie wants to spend the entire day with her girl and have fun together. Let us help our cute superhero have the best time ever. Give the girls beauty treatments change their hair styles and the outfits. Enjoy
Rapunzel Mommy Real Makeover
Rapunzel is teaching her daughter how to act like a princess and they will go on a beauty salon to discover what a real makeover is. Join the adorable duo in the salon and start the spa treatment. Give them beauty treatments new makeup and hair styles. Complete the makeover with some amazing outfits.
Delicious Hotdog Quest
Where are those delicious hotdogs made by your mother Find them in the kitchen before your mother sees you and punishes you. Use the mouse to play this great game.
1 year ago
For the most special person in our lives namely our mother is a special day and she needs some fancy clothes to wear. Dress her up from head to toe following your own tastes.Use your mouse to dress up mommy
1 year ago
Rapunzel Mommy Gardening
Rapunzel is in her garden with her daughter today because they have a lot of work to do. They need your help to plant some beautiful red peppers. Follow the instructions and use the gardening tools to plant and water the seeds. In no time the plants will grow and with your help and love the peppers will be ready for harvest in no time.
1 year ago
Cute And Funny Baby Dress Up
Dress the baby in cute clothes You can try different hairstyles shirts and pants. There are clothes with pretty pictures including flowers and adorable animals. You can also dress the young girl in a comfortable onesie. Pose with Mommy in this game called Cute and Funny Baby DressUp
1 year ago
Mommy Rapunzel Crib Decor
Help Rapunzel assemble the crib for her baby. Put the pieces together and decorate it with beautiful sleeping items and toys. Use your skills to finish this task as soon as possible because the baby must sleep. Enjoy
Barbie Superhero Mommy
Barbie loves to spend time with her sweet baby and today they will go for a walk in the park. Help Barbie prepare the needed things and choose the baby s carriage. They will have s lot of fun thanks to you.
1 year ago
Mermaid Mom Magic World
Enter the magical world of mermaids and spend a beautiful day with a mermaid and her daughter. Follow the instructions and learn new and fun things together. Enjoy the game
1 year ago
Mommy Realife Shopping
What do you say about helping this mommy to raise some money for a new wardrobe. Follow the instructions and join her shopping for some wonderful clothes. Make the mommy happy
11 months ago
Peppa Pig Mother's Day Gift
No Description
10 months ago
Pretty Shopping Mom And Baby
No Description
10 months ago
Elsa Baby Caring Slacking
Baby Elsa needs your help. She wants to eat some sweets and her mother will not let her. Keep and eye on Elsa and Olaf and help baby Elsa eat some delicious sweets when no one is watching. Have fun
10 months ago
Pregnant Rapunzel Spa
Find out Rapunzel's beauty secrets in a new makeover game and help the future mommy relax at the spa! Prepare the bath with wonderful flowers, shampoo her hair and apply beauty treatments!
9 months ago
Mermaid Newborn Baby Care
Hi girls. Let's play a new girl game with a mermaid mommy who will give birth soon. She is very nervous because is her first baby and she doesn't know what's next. Could you help our mermaid mommy to give birth and take care of her little mermaid baby? First of all follow the instruction in game and consult our mommy to make sure that's everything is allright and then be there when she will give birth to her little princess. After it, take the baby and make sure that his weigh is normal and then wash him and feed him with baby milk to be healty and happy. Enjoy this mermaid newborn baby game!
9 months ago
Baby Barbie Flower Braids
Flower braids are a must have this season, girls! Baby Barbie is at the hair salon ready to look fashion fabulous as always. Her mom is there with her and she is confident the new hairstyle trend suits her precious little princess fabulously.
9 months ago
Rapunzel Zombie Curse
Rapunzel is trapped inside her tower. She can't go out when she wants to and she is very sad because of that. When she asked mother Gothel to go out in the sun, she was cursed to become a terrible zombie.
9 months ago
Hello Kitty And Mom Matching Outfits
Hello Kitty is the most popular kitty in the world and also the cutest one. Like any other kitty, she has a caring mother that loves to dress her up and make her happy all the time. In the lovey game Hello Kitty And Mom Matching Outfits, you have the challenge to choose pretty matching outfits for the mother and daughter.
9 months ago
Cute Baby Feeding
This cute little baby needs a lot of attention, can you help the mom to feed the baby?
9 months ago
Cinderella And Ashlynn
Our famous mother & daughter dress up series continues with another beautiful couple and today you ladies are invited to style up Disney princess Cinderella and her beautiful daughter Ashlynn Ella. The two of them are getting ready for a fun shopping spree at the local market in the enchanted forest and they could surely use your expert advice on choosing their chic matching outfits.
9 months ago
Baby Barbie Summer Photoshooting Prep
Baby Barbie is having a summer photoshooting event today at a professional photo studio. She loves posing in front of the camera, not to mention she is already a selfie diva. The photo shoot is a birthday gift from her mom and dad. The baby girl is so excited that she cannot concentrate on getting ready.
9 months ago
Sleeping Beauty And Briar Beauty
Here weíve prepared another mother and daughter dress up challenge for you ladies! Curious whoís the new fantasy couple challenging your amazing fashion skills today? Then feel free to join us to the beautiful blonde Disney Princess, Sleeping Beauty, and the popular Ever after High Character Briar Beauty are already waiting for you to style up their looks.
9 months ago
Baby Hazel Daycare
Today, Mom and dad are going out of station. They have dropped Baby Hazel and Matt at daycare. Adorable siblings are first time visiting the daycare center.
9 months ago
The Little Cute Unicorn
You have met a little, cute and lost unicorn and you will help her to find his mother. Until then, you two will have fun together. You will help the little unicorn to choose some very nice clothes and a new haircut and she will definitely be the sweetest unicorn in the world. Those memories should be great for both of you. Have fun!
9 months ago
IPhone Makeover
You always wanted an iPhone, because let's face it, it's the trendiest and most fashionable phone out there. But your parents have refused to buy one for you for such a long time, until you mother decided to give to you her own. It just needs a bit of makeover to make it fresh and new. First you should wipe all the print marks off it with a soft towel. Turn the power off if you want to be more efficient. Use a special solution to make it shine and use a needle to clean up the touch button on the bottom. Now that it looks like new, you can make it more fancy and girly with a bunch of accessories. You can pick out a new fun cover for it shaped like a bunny, a cat, a monkey or other adorable animals. You can personalize it by changing its color and you could even choose some cool prints, like zebra, leopard, polka dots or plaid. The touch button can come in its own cute look. Find an awesome sticker featuring cherries, a heart, a chicken, a rose or a cat. You can also get some sweet applications and place them wherever you want on your iPhone. And a customization is not complete until you pick out a great look for your phone's screen. Enjoy!
9 months ago
Cream Cake
It's mom's birthday and these two kids have decided to surprise her by making her day more special. They have planned of making their mom's favorite "Cream Cake". Help them in completing this task before mom comes. The game is categorized in four easy steps. Commence the game by getting all required ingredients along with needful tools and equipments from the kitchen. Begin the preparation of the cake by mixing all ingredients for the batter and then for the cream. In third stage bake the cake in oven and lastly decorate the "Cream Cake". What are you waiting for? Help these kids in preparing "Cream Cake" now!
9 months ago
Swap Live Mother Day
Parents is our forever umbrella, they taking good care of our every day life, this day of Thanksgiving, and parents swap life, so let Mom and Dad do your children. experience the feeling for parents.
9 months ago
Holiday Prep Thanksgiving Day
Itís time for cute Lucy to put on a cute dress and head to her motherís place, itís Thanksgiving and during this time of the year, everyone gathers together for a special meal! What should she wear? A pair of jeans and a plaid shirt or maybe something more elegant to highlight the importance of the holiday? Lucy knows her mom expects to see her wearing a cute dress and even some pumpkin shaped hair accessories, but she needs your precious helping hand ladies to figure out a really nice mix.
9 months ago
Dora Tasty Cupcakes
Dora is home alone trying to bake some tasty cakes for her mom. You must help Dora decorate cupcakes with cream, fruits, candies and chocolate in this delicious food styling game. Dora's mom will be happy and they will enjoy your cute and tasty cupcakes.
9 months ago
Baby Diaper Change
The little baby is crying because he has a dirty diaper. Any babysitter or new mommy should learn how to change a dirty diaper, clean the baby and get him ready to dress up. After the baby is clean and the diaper is new, you should entertain him with the toys in baby caring games.
9 months ago
Surprise Cake Slacking
You have to cook a cake for your mother and you need to do it without to be caught by your mother. Try to surprise her with a beautiful cake.
9 months ago
Rapunzel Baby Shower
Remember when you were very little, and your mom or dad used to tell you all those beautiful stories about magic creatures, princes and gorgeous princesses? I'm sure that you remember, and that is exactly why we have prepared this gorgeous game for you, called Rapunzel Baby Shower. You are going to be given the opportunity to meet the adorable Rapunzel as a little child, and help her look really pretty, by giving her a bath, change her diaper, and in the end, decide upon a really cute outfit for her to be wearing. In the bath part of this game called Rapunzel Baby Shower, you will have to follow all of the steps that you will be indicated, but don't forget to also play with the soap bubbles, and toys.
9 months ago
Baby Hazel Mischief Time
Darling Baby Hazel is turning too mischievous these days. Mom has gone shopping after putting her princess to sleep. But it looks like little Baby Hazel was just pretending to sleep. So, now she is awake and showing off her mischievous behavior. Here you have got chance to join Baby Hazel in her mischievous activity. Be with Baby Hazel & her friend baby Mia and enjoy complete freedom at home as no one else is watching you. - See more at:
9 months ago
Baby Hazel Sibling Care
Baby Hazel is very much affectionate towards her little brother Matt. As mom is busy with cooking, so Hazel has to look after Matt and attend all his needs. Help little princess in taking care of her brother by feeding him on time, offering him his favorite toys and making him asleep when its bedtime.
9 months ago
Weekend Car Wash
Aww... check this out girls! Cute Lina has got her birthday present earlier this year and it seems her mom and dad were thought to surprise their beautiful teen girl with an adorable girly-girl car. It's a bit too oldie but and it is definitely perfect for all the road trips Lina has in mind for this summer vacation... it just needs a special care for a sparkly clean new look and it will be ready for their first ride. Luckily, it makes such a beautiful and sunny day outside, so you two girls are going to have a lot of fun cleaning up Lina's brand new toy, that's for sure. Join Lina in her backyard getting the 'Weekend Car Wash' game started and, first of all, help Lina take care of the car's look by giving it a nice wash and polish so you won't wonder out into town with a dirty car. Wash it thoroughly with water and soap, rinse it well, use a soft towel to dry it and then spend the time needed for a complete car waxing session as well.
9 months ago

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Ace 169

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Action 3D 480

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Gold Mine 111

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Penalty 357

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Puppy 753

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Quad 260

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Quest 1158

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Rabbit 1072

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Ragdoll 388

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Sailing 159

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Sniper 1938

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Solitaire 890

Spa 1944

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Spot The Difference 1139

Spring 923

Spying 248

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Stickman 2602

Store 713

Story 1241

Strategy 24177

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Strike 672

Stunt Bike 349

Stunt Driving 1999

Stunt Pilot 43

Stunts 1999

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Submarine 313

Subway 63

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Summer 2063

Sumo 94

Super 4703

Superhero 1159

Supermarket 137

Surfing 269

Surgery 1546

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Taco 117

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Tattoo 301

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